Clan MacMhadóc

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Organizational Structure
of Clan MacMhadoc


Thomas M. Weadock: (Arklow Brook Branch)

Suffolk, New York, USA

President Clan MacMhadoc. Member Executive Board and

Clan Council, Communications Director

Joseph Weadick Sr.: (Arklow Branches)

Arklow, Wicklow, Ireland,

Deputy Director Clan MacMhadoc, Chairman, Clan

MacMhadoc Executive Board, Member Clan Council,

liaison to Finte Na hErinn

Timothy G. Weadick: (Arklow Branches)

Kildare, Ireland

Member Executive Board & Clan Council / Acting co-

liaison to Finte Na hErinn

Chief Counsel and Advisor to Clan Board

Patrick Weadick: (Arklow Branches)

Clane, Kildare, Ireland

Deputy Chief of Greater Ireland Branches of


MacMhadoc. Director DNA Project. Member


Board & Clan Council. Chief genealogist. Acting


to Finte Na hErinn

Peggy  O'Neill Leonard: (Arklow Brook Branch)

West Babylon, Long Island, USA,

Director Emeritus,

Recording Secretary- Clan MacMhadoc Executive Board,

Senior Genealogist, Member Clan Council


Peggy passed away in the autumn of 2015.after a brief

battle with cancer. Peg was the Daughter of Kitty Weadock

and Dinny O’Neil both of Arklow. She was raised in the

Chelsea / Hell’s Kitchen sections of Manhattan NYC with

her brother Bill, married and moved to Rockaway Beach,

Queens NY.


Peg raised her family at the “ROCK” practicing and

teaching the traditions taught to her by her parents, aunts,

uncles and that shared by the expatriate Wicklow

community living there.


Peggy was a charter member of our organization and gave

her all to making us a recognized Irish clan accepted by

Finte Na hErinn with embracement by much older   

established clans. Peg is Sorley missed by her family,

cousins, Executive Board, Clan Council membership as

well as friends in the US and Arklow.  

Thomas J. Weadock: (Kilnahue , Wexford Branch).

Needham, Massachusetts, USA,

Vice-President for New England Region,

Member Clan Council


James J. Weadock: (Arklow Brook Branch)

New York City, New York, USA


Vice-President Mid-Atlantic Region. (Chief of Family)

Weadock Sept of NYC and Arklow Brook Weadick Branch.

Member Clan Council

Dick Weadock: (Ballygarrett / Wexford Branch)


Vice-President Mid-West Region. (Chief of Family), St

Mary / Tyendinaga Sept, Ballygarrett / Wexford Branch.

Member Clan Council

Timothy B. Reade: (Ballygarrett / Wexford Branch)

Michigan, USA:

Chairman, Clan Council

Virginia Nalepinski:  (Arklow Branches)

Lexington, Tennessee, USA

Clan Council, Heritage and Culture Committee

Julia Waddick Boyd: (Kilnahue / Gorey, Wexford Branch)


Westfield, Indiana, USA

Clan Council, Events Committee

Katie Weadock Arndt: (Arklow Brook Branch)

Albany, New York, USA

Clan Council

Daniel T. Weadock: (Arklow Brook Branch)

New York City, New York, USA

Clan Council, Sergeant At Arms

Message  from the President of Clan MacMhadoc