Clan MacMhadóc

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family information wanted for current line members


This list consists of Irish immigrants from Mhadoc Country of Leinster Province, Ireland, during the immigration eras of the 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th Centuries. They settled in the same geographic regions of the United States and Canada, during consecutive eras and are to be considered “mostly recently related” during those periods.

If you see your Immigrant ancestor listed we would like to hear from you and learn about your knowledge of your ancestors origins, their family in Ireland and of any they joined here or who later joined them in North America. We are looking at homeland information about their parent names, any of their sibling’s names, Town of residence, or Parish / Churches, family homeland occupations, location of land tenancy or ownership even witnesses to marriage and baptismal events are important information if known.


Anthony Gerard Weadick, b. 25 APR 1920 in Arklow, Ireland d. 21 DEC 1970 in Arklow, Ireland

m. Ilene Ruth BISHOP, Oamaru, N.Z., b.1914 – d. 1999


Living Anthony WEADICK


Ann Wadick, b. abt 1837 in Ireland

Spouse: William Weadick (1838- ) in Ireland


Julia Wadick (1864- )

Thomas Wadick (1866- )

Arthur Wadick (1868- )

Margaret Wadick (1871- )

Agnes Wadick (1874- )

William Wadick (1879- )

Arthur Waddick, b. 1818, Ireland, d. 1880 Iowa,

Wife: Elizabeth, b. Sep, 1823, Ireland


Mary A. b.1855, Iowa

Arthur. April, 1862, Iowa

Catherine Weddick, b. 1846 - Dublin, Dublin, Ireland d. Abt 1925 - Manchester, Lancashire, England

Francis Weadick, b. 1822 Dublin, Leinster, Ireland -Death 1877 in Dublin, Leinster, Ireland

Parents: Dennis Weadick b. 1802- d. 1867 and

Ann Cavanaugh b .1803-d. 1866

Spouse: Monica Kelley (1825-1879)

Children: Edward Weadick (1844-)

Jane Weadock, b. Ballygarrett, Wexford, Ireland- d. USA

Parents: No Father info, No Mother info

No Siblings info:

Spouse: John Richards (1830-1873)

8/4/2010:: updated information-

"Jane was born 5 August 1834. Her parents were Aiden Weadick and Anne Taylor."

She (Jane) had a brother John, Baptized 1836 (?), 5 August. Same Godparents. Maybe it was 1834 abut they were twins. Ballyoughna,Ballygarrett, Wex.

7/16/2010- updated information: Jane was Born 5 August, 1834. Her parents were Aiden Weadick and Anne Taylor. Jane's baptisimal sponsors were John Middleton and Jane Middleton.

note: Canadian branch ancestors William Wadick I b: 1815 d: 3 JUN 1901 married Mary Middleton b: 14 JUN 1813 d: 4 JUN 1901

8/17/2010 update information-family found pedigree added:

1. Jane Weadock, b. Ballygarrett, County Wexford, Ireland d. Unknown

m. John Richards I in Ireland


John Richards II b. County Wexford, Ireland, between 1827 and 1830. d. 22 Oct, 1873 Tyendinaga, Hastings Township, Hastings, Ontario, Canada

m. Mary Ann Lavelle Hastings Co. Ontario, Canada


3. At least 6 children.

(Mary Ann's second husband was John Weadock *Its likely that her first and second husbands were first cousins).

d. Waterbury, Ct., USA

Husband: Mathew Murphy of Tipperary


Mary E. Murphy

Charles Joseph Murphy

Joseph Matthew Murphy

John Waddick, b. 1820, Ireland- d. 10 Sep 1896, Raleigh Kent, Ontario, Canada

Wife: Anne Early b. Canada

John Waddick, b. June 1826, Ireland

Lucy Waddick, b 1812, Ireland

Husband: Nicholas Rossiter (1809-1957)


 Nicholas J Rossiter (1835-1890)

Mary E Rossiter (1838-1838)

James Patrick Rossiter (1839-1888)

Michael A. Rossiter (1842-1909)

George Rossiter (1845-1890)

Julia Mary Rossiter (1846-1894)

John Myers Rossiter (1848-1891)

Thomas F Rossiter (1851-1916)

Mary Anne Waddick b. 1791, County Wexford , Ireland- d. 8/27/1866, Raleigh Township, Ontario, CA

Associated family name Odette

Mary Waddick, b. 1799, Ross, County Wexford , Ireland

Associated family names Jamison and Rossiter

Mary Weadock, b. 1827, Ireland- d. no info Parents: No Father info, No Mother info No Siblings

Spouse: Richard Quinsy (-)


Margaret Quincy (1832-19

8/4/2010: Update information

Margaret Quincy was actually born and 1836 - on 18th of March. The godparents of record were Patrick Keogh and Catherine (O') Brien.

There was also a son named George, Baptized 22nd S eptember 1839. his God parents were: Thomas Weadick and Jane Middleton.

The Quincy's lived in Corbally, and they were Baptised in Ballygarrett, Wex.

11) Mary Wadick (also as Waddick),b. 1839 in Ireland

Associated family name Hancock

Mary J Weadick, b. Jun 1843 Ireland

M. Thomas B Weadick (1836-1914)


Maggie Weadick (1871-)

Arthur Andrew Weadick (1875-1967)

Albert James Weadick (1877-)

Charles F Weadick (1878-)

Elizabeth Weadick (1881-1962)

Lydia Weadick (1881-1966)

Thomas S Weadick (1884-)

Mary Weadick, b. 20 Aug 1870 Arklow, Co Wicklow, Ireland d. 20 Aug 1958 in Arklow, Co Wicklow, Ireland

m. John Kelly (-)


Kathleen P Kelly (1908-1967)

Associated family names, Peterson, Mallen, Elliott, Noonan, Ure, Bredemann, Sundquist, Doyle, Keleher, Marquette and I Mittel

Mary Waddick, b. 5/5/1879, Deere Park, Carlow, Wexford, Ireland- d. 3/14/ 1972 Wellington Ontario, Ca

Husband: John Burwell

Martin Weadick, b. abt 1908 in Arklow, Co Wicklow, Ireland Death 1960 in Harrow, Greater London

Michael Wedick , b. Abt 1925, Ireland- d. Feb 2003, St. Albert, Alberta, Canada

Spouse: Gwendolin Minna Amy Burton

Thomas B Weadick b. Dec 1836, Ireland- d. 14 Apr 1914 in Wayne Township, Indiana, US

Spouse#1 Mary J Weadick (1843-)

No Children

Spouse #2 Maggie Weadick (1871-)


Arthur Andrew Weadick (1875-1967)

Albert James Weadick (1877-)

Charles F Weadick (1878-)

Elizabeth Weadick (1881-1962)

Lydia Weadick (1881-1966)

Thomas S Weadick (1884-)

Associated family names: Arnott

Thomas Weadick, b. May 1843, Ballymoney, , Wexford, Ireland  Death 21 Dec 1910 in Jackson, Preble, Ohio, USA

Parents: James Weadick b.1805 Ire,

m. Julia Cavanaugh b.1806 Ire.

Siblings: Patrick Weadick (-)

Margaret Weadick (-)

Arthur Weadick (-)

William Weadick (1838-)

Anna Weadick (1853-)

Thomas Weddick, b. Abt 1851 Ireland- d. Canada 1918

George William Wadick, b. 1815 Ireland, d. june 3, 1901 House Providence, Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Wife: Mary Middleston


Thomas William Wadick (B: 1842)

Ann Wadick (B: 1844)

Arthur Wadick (B: 1845)

William James Weadick (B: 1846)

Margaret Wadick (B: 1850)

William Weadick, b. abt 1838 in Ireland

Wife#1 Mary A Kierven (-)

Children wife #1:

 Lawrence F Weadick (1869-1948)

William Weadick (1873-)

Anna "Nina" Weadick (1875-)

Patrick Weadick (1877-)

John Weadick (1883-)

Joseph A Weadick (1888-)

Wife #2 Ann Wadick (1837-)

children wife #2:

 Julia Wadick (1864-)

Thomas Wadick (1866-)

Arthur Wadick (1868-)

Margaret Wadick (1871-)

Agness Wadick (1874-)

William Wadick (1879-)

Dennis Weadick, b. 1802 Carlow, Ireland d. 1867 Age: 65

M1. Ann Cavenaugh (1803-1866)


Francis Weadick 1822 – 1877

Monica Kelley 1825 – 1879

Edward Weadick 1844 –

Anne 1843 –

James Michael Weadick 1885 –

M2. Elvira Albano 1891 – 1975


 Living Weadick

Living Weadick

Living Weadick

Living Weadick

James Michael Weadick 1915 – 2001

M. Catherine Flowers, b. 29 Jun 1913 in

W Winchester, Middlesex, Mass- d. 3 Jul 1998 in R Reading, Middlesex, Massachusetts


Living Weadick

m. Denise Marie Rosso


Bryan Michael Weadick

No Spouse or Children

Living Weadick

No Spouse or Children

Living Weadick

James Weadock, Apx 1807, Wexford, Ireland- d. 1 Oct 1880 - Hastings, Ontario, Canada

Wife: Bridget Mullin, 1835, Belleville, Ontario, Canada


James Waddick, 1836, Ireland

James Wadick, b. Jul 1852 in Canada (Eng) d. 1 Dec 1938 in Hennepin, Minnesota

Associated family name Morin

James Weddick 14 Oct 1881 - Limerick, Ireland d. 24 May 1973 - Liverpool, England

Patrick Wadick , B. 1811 in Ireland

Associated Family Name Hancock

Patrick Wedick, b. 1841 Dublin, Ireland- d. 25 SEP 1881 Brooklyn, NY

Associated family names: Curtis

Re: Patrick Waddick, b. apx 1822, Ballygarrett, County Wexford, Ireland

m. Mary Kinsella,

Louis Waddick 1790 – Family found

m. Mary Mahoney


 Patrick Waddick, 1811 – b. June 30, 1810 Ballygarrett, Wexford

m. Mary Kinselly (Kinslea)

Louis Patrick Waddick, b. March 12, 1845 NYC.

m. Elizabeth Limbers (m. 1885) had nine children

James Waddick, b. 1836

Thomas Waddick –

M1. Catherine 1841 –


Mary C Waddick, b. 1869 Iowa /re Ire born

Wm Waddick, b. 1842 – no kiudv sn/new york

Margaret Waddick, b 1843 NY, USA no kids

Louis Patrick Waddick, b. 1845 NY– d. 1930

m. Elisabeth Waddich, b. 1865– d. 1910


James Arthur Waddick, b. 1887 – 1947

m. Maude Faust, b. 1879


James Robert Waddick, Found

m. _____


Ryan Patrick Waddick, b. 1979,

Kyle James Waddick, b. 1980,

Erin Patricia Waddick, b. 1988,

Ruth Robbins, b. 1906 –

Leroy Robbins, b. 1907 –

Evalyn Waddick , b. 1915 – 1991

Robert Waddick, b. 1917 – 1975

m. Frances U.Waddick b.1918–1997


Living Waddick,

Leonora F. Waddick, b. Mar 20,1890- d. Aug 11,1964

M2. Anna Roin, b. Birth 1868 in Kansas

Arthur Waddich, b 1887 –

Nora A. Waddick, b. 1892 –

William D. Waddick, b. 1893 –

Leo S. Waddick, b. 1895 –

Leo F. Waddick, b. 1895 –

m. Dora M Heyden, b. 1895 – d. 1972


Bernice R. Waddick,

Bernard Waddick, b. 1916 Nebraska, USA- d. Mesa, Arizona,

Mary E. Waddick, b. 1896 –

Gertrude C. Waddick, b. 1903 –

Donna A. Waddick, b. 1904 –

William Waddick, b. 1842 –

Margaret Waddick, b. 1843 –

Arthur Waddick, b. 1847 – no child

Moses Waddick, b. 1848 – 1927 no child b.ohio/pa

Michael Waddick, b. 1849 – no child

Anna Weadick, b. 1853-

Half sibling: Louis E Waddich, b. 1888 –

Patrick Weadick, b. In Ireland Parents: James Weadick (1805-)

m, Julia Cavanaugh (1806-)

Son: Patrick Weadick, b. Ballymoney, , Wexford, Ireland

Siblings:      Margaret Weadick (-)

Arthur Weadick (-)

William Weadick (1838-)

Thomas Weadick (1843-1910)

Anna Weadick (1853-)

Patrick Weadock, b. Arklow, St Michaels Terrace, d. United Kingdom

Wexford Weadick Winifred 1807 23 July Weadick, Thomas Lennihan, .

Johannah Waddick, b. circa 1905 either Wicklow or Tipperary