Clan MacMhadóc

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History- The Mac Mhadóc           

History- The MacVadog's (Mac Mhadoc) of Vaddock Country, Leinster

  Clan Mac Mhadoc became a distinct branch of the Mac Murrow Kavanagh, the major ruling clan in Leinster before the invasion of the Anglo-Normans in the 12th century. The Mac Mhadoc became quite important and established them as a distinct Sept located on their ancestral range in the Southern part of Wexford in the area now known as MacVadog's Country.

  Today, this is the area where Mac Mhadoc Sept names underwent transitions, incurring many changes as families settled across Leinster into North Wexford, into adjacent areas westward and the South of Wicklow, into Arklow Town, Rathdrum Bray and Wicklow Town and eventually into Dublin, where they are mostly located today under the names of Weadick, Wadock, Waddock, Weadock, Wedick, Weddick, Waddick, Wadick, Wardick, Waydock and sometimes Vaddock.

  History of MacMhadoc.

  The Early Middle Age (400- 1000 AD)

  The High Middle Age (1000-1300 AD)

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