Some of The Brook Weadocks Around the World Some of The Brook Weadocks Around the World Kevin Forde and Liz Weadick Forde- Australia 82501741 Margaret nee Mooty Weadick and her sister Mary Mooty, Arklow 82501745 Kevin Forde jr., and Daisy Forde - Weadick RIP 82501739 Kevin, Donal, and Derek Forde of Arklow now living in Australia 82501740 Liz Weadick Forde and Arklow friends 82501742 Isabella Forde- Australia 82501738 Kevin Forde and Elizabeth Weadick Forde 82501744 Kevin Forde Arklow and Australia 82501746 Black Dan Weadick 82501747 Bllack Dan Weadick with Gr. children Elizabeth, Dan, and Margaret. 82501743 Black Dan Weadick with Gr. children Black Dan Weadick with Gr. children Pat & Dan Connolly and Peg and Bill O'Neil 140777986 Both Sam Weadick's Big Sam and Sam Weaick 140778952 140780047 Mary (Brook) anad James Weadick (Mahon lane) Wedding at NYC Bride: Mary Weadick, Maid of Honor Kitty Weadick O'Neil, Dinny O'Neil- Best Man: Thomas Weadick (brother of Jim) and husband James Weadcik (Mahon's Lane) 140783320 Nancy Weadock Kenny Nance Weadock Kenny and Husband Ed Kenny 140783321 Grandmother and son Patrick 140783322 Brussels Walter Weadaock and nephew Sean Treacy (Bridge Street) 140783323 Family of Black Dan Weadock (Brook Arklow) Manhattan NY cir. 1950 Siiting: l-r Kitty and Ellen Middle: Mary Sis and Nance Back::Pat, Dan, Watt, and Ned 142137954 Woodlawn Cemetery, Bronx , New York City Grave of Daniel Weadock (Brook-Arklow) and Ellen Doyle (South Quay-Arklow. 142137955 174252042 174252043 174252044 174252045 174252046 174252048 174252049 174252050 Jim Weadock 174323782 174323783 174323784 Dan Connolly 174327398 ED WEADOCK 174327399 BROTHERS ED, TOM & HIS SON DAN A. AND DAN T WEADOCK 174327400 MARTHA M WEADOCK SIMPSON, SON ANDREW R. SIMPSON, NEPHEW DAN A. WEADOCK 174327401 THE ROCK AREA RECENTLY DESTROYED BY HURRICANE AT ROCKAWAY BEACH, QUEENS, NYC. AUNT KITTY AND UNCLE DINNY'S HOME. L TO R KITTY WEADOCK O'NEIL, SELLEN DOYLE WEADOCK, UNCLE EDDIE KENNY MARFTHA SWEADOCK, EDWARD WEADOCK THOMAS M. WEADOCK. GRANNIE MARTHA REDMOND DOYLE THE GRREAT DINNYC O'NEIL, AUNT NANCYWEADOCK KENNY 174327403 Daniel Weadock jr formerly of "The Brook" Arklow, present Bronx NY dancing with neice Mary Kenny 174327404 Thomas M. Weadock 174327405 mass meeting of the Dan Weadock's from the NYC sept of the Arklow GBranch Brook Weadick's Left to right: Daniel J. son of Black Dan, holdming grandson Daniel Alexander - son of Thomas M. Weadock, Daniel Tthomas Weadock- son of Daniel J.Dannt Weadock, Aunt Mary's Dan. Arklow Dan Weadock. Danny Weadock Jr son of Dan P. Weadockk and himself Dan P. Weadock 174705877 Dan P Weadock 174323781 Monument to Dan P. Weadock 174876481