Clan MacMhadóc

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The Early Middle Age       (400-1000 AD)

Tribal Life- Formation of the Clan

  One of the principle tribes of early Ireland was the Leinster Ui hiennselaigh, a reputed contemporary of Niall of the Nine Hostages.  Ennae Ceinnselach was a historical person, the grandson of Bressal Belach and a first cousin of the Durlaing Tribe leader MacEnda  Niada who was the ancestor of the Ui Dunlainge tribe     The first areas of Ireland associated with the Ui Chiennselaigh are in the land ranges around Rathvilly, County Carlow and at the headwaters of the River Slaney. In time the center of Ui Chiennselaigh power was forced southwards, pushed to the area around Ferns, in County Wexford at the site of Saint Mhadocs Monastery.  The Ui Chiennselaigh solidified their hold on formerly held ancestral lands and kept their base position at Ferns while extending out to the north and to west to regain control of land previously lost to rival  clans and Tribes.