Clan MacMhadóc

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MacVadock County, Leinster Province , Ireland. 1605 AD



Regional Map of MacVadock Country in Leinster Province From 1600-1800

                This is an interesting perspective of the identity of Leinster lands and the families still associated there thru 1800.  Note the spelling of Arklow as Arcklo and the yellow highlghted areas associated at this point with both the McVadok ( the last corruption of the McVadcocke form before the wide spread use of W) . By this point the Caneonos or Caverno are  integrating into MacVadddock lands from their traditional land a little to the north and west in old Carlow. They are now known as the Kavanagh. .

A good geogrphic reference giving proportion to the size of the actual area referred as McVadok Country is the moutains just below McVadock and to the left, the line indicating the river Avoca that heads to Arklow in the east as the extreme northern boundry and follows a natural  boundry along the western side south to Knock Swift and East again to modern day Courtown following the River Navarra then south again along the border of the McDamore/ MacDavies Countrysouth to Ferns


1550 Perception Map of Ireland