Clan MacMhadóc

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Clan Organization

The Mac Mhadoc Clan Council is currently being formed. If you are interested in joining the activities of the clan please contact Thomas M. Weadock at 


Clan Organization Structure

Thomas M. Weadock Suffolk, New York, USA

Taoiseach Clan Mac Mhadoc

Cathaoirleach an Diál- President of the Dial- Chairman of the Clan Council  


Daniel A Weadock, Bronx, NY-

 Sergeant At Arms


U. S. Regions

Thomas J. Weadock, Boston, Ma.,USA

(Cathaoirleach) President,

New England Region

(Rúnaía Coiste an ClanMhadoc)-Chief for Clan

MacMhadoc North American Affairs


Mid Atlantic

James J. Weadock, NYC

Ceanne Finne Weadock Sept of NYC and Arklow


Peggy Leonard, West Babylon, Long Island, USA

 Ollamh Ginealais: Chief Genealogist


Katie Weadock Arndt: Albany, New York, USA

Weadock NYC/Arklow Wicklow Branch

Rúnaí na Coiste an Clan Mhadoc Deputy Chief

Clan MacMhadoc Communications


   Mid-West Region

Dick Weadock, Michigan

Cathaoirleach (President ) Ceannn Fine (Chief of the Family)St Mary Ohio Sept, of the Weadock Wexford Brranch.



Joe Weadick Arklow, Ireland

President Irish Affairs


Patrick Weadick

Rúnaí na Coiste an Clan Mhadoc

Deputy Chief of the Leinster and Greater Ireland Branches of Clan Mac Mhadoc

 Cathaoirleach (President) President Director yDNA Geo / Surname Project


Tim G. Weadick:

Kildare, Ireland

Weadick Sept of Arklow, Wicklow

    Comhairleoir Príomh Clan Mac Mhadóc

  Chief Counsel of Clan Mac Mhadóc



South Eastern


Mid West/Central


South West


Western US and Canada


Clan Regional Representaion

Weadock Septs  


Wexford Branch (Ballygarrett)


St Mary Ohio     (Ballygarrett)


New York City / Arklow 


UK Branch (Wicklow and Wexford)


Weadick Septs    


 Arklow Branch



Dublin City and County.


Preble County. Ohio, USA


Eastern Canada


Central Canada (Ballygarrett)







Kansas Leinster Branch







Waddick US Branches


Minnesota Sept #1 (Ballygarrett) 


Minnesota Sept #2 (Parknashogue)


Iowa Sept Sept #3 (Ballygarrett)


Waddick Canadian Branch


Waddick United Kingdom Branch





Canada Branch



USA Branch



UK Branchwedick             


Greater Canadian Branch


Greater USA Branch




Greater Canadian Branch



Greater Lienster Branch




Greater US Branch




  (All Name Variations)    







  (All Name Variations) 



Leinster-U K

All Irish County










Regional and Sept Elections

    The practice of an ancient Irish Clan or family well into the mid 17th Century was to designate a “Ceann Fine” or "Chief of Clan" and the individual acclaimed as Ceann Fine was recognised as their senior representative. Several Irish Clans acclaimed hereditary “Chiefs of the Name” a practice which dates back to  the 4th century, whom may have  been members of Buanchomhairle Thaoisigh Éireann or the Standing Council of Irish Chiefs and Chieftains.

Others selected or elected leaders within their clan/sept with a significant claim to be Ceann Fine, while others elected a member for a period of time who acted as titular head of the clan or Sept (family). For Clan Mhadoc and Sept purpose we are implementing a representative structure establishing a Clan Daile-Council we are with "Cathaoirleach" for each region who will serve as a President.  Additionally we are establishing Ceann Fine an Clanna (sept) or Chief of Sept of Clan titles for each Sept of each present Branch and greater region. Some families may choose to acclaim the head (or to follow the leadership ) of a particular senior family from within another sept of the clan.

The appointment, nomination and election process will take place as soon as practicle so it is advised tht all visitors to the site nvite family members to visist the site and register wiith the clan and their respective septs. As the capabiities of this site expand additional informaiton will be posted at relevant pages. So cut and paste the link and add it to your favorites or save the site on on your desktop and look for occasional updates.

As usual if you have any ideas or are willing to offer assistance with a subect that you would like to post as a page contact me at:    











Cathaoirleach /  Region




President  Region













Ceann Fine an   Sept



Chief of Sept of Clan



 Sept of Clan